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You can trust that the American Door Company can take care of any door, dock or gate need.

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Commercial properties need to have high levels of security and that’s why business owners invest heavily in sophisticated monitoring and security systems. Unfortunately, they fail to consider one of the most important yet simple aspects of a good security system; the door. A surprising number of commercial properties have weak, flimsy doors that can be easily broken or dented. Solid commercial doors can help you avoid security breaches and keep your property safe.

American Door Company provides, installs and maintains commercial sectionals doors. We provide you with roll-up service doors, hollow metal pass doors, fire rated doors, aluminum grilles, counter shutters, high-speed fabric doors, sectional, glass doors, insulated doors, rolling steel, non-insulated, automatic doors. We manufacture a complete line of steel, stainless steel and aluminum doors and grilles and provide doors from all trusted major manufacturers including Wayne Dalton and Janus. You can trust that the American Door Company can take care of any door, dock or gate need.

We, here in American Door Company, provide you with the doors made from top-quality and resilient steel or aluminum, depending on the type of door you purchase. These commercial property doors aren't as fragile and vulnerable as normal doors. These doors can easily withstand a considerable amount of wear and impact. Doors are available in different sizes and their operation mechanisms are designed to handle pressure from the weight of the structure. Normal door hinges and mechanisms just won’t be able to handle it. These doors are specially designed to withstand high winds, snow and all other harsh weathers. This weather protection is important, especially if you want to maintain a certain temperature inside your property. Commercial doors will form a tight seal and keep unwanted things at bay. We make doors that are durable and come in different shapes, sizes, and forms and you can choose one based on your company’s requirements. You can choose roller, steel, thermal protection, hydraulic, high-speed, and other such doors for your property. We offer superior fire protection high-grade doors. They obstruct the movement of fire and allow people a little more time to clear the property and call for help.


American Door Company provides service and repair for all types of residential, commercial, and industrial garage doors and openers. We also provide service and repair for fireplaces and gas logs. We service all of the Redding, CA and surrounding areas and offer same day service in most circumstances. If you have a commercial door or operator service problem, call our office to schedule a service call. We will be happy to assist you.

Whether you need to add doors to an airplane hangar, warehouse, car wash, recreational facility, firehouse, storage, or any other type of commercial facility, we can help you decide the best door for you. We understand what it means to watch the bottom line. That means you need to find the door or doors most appropriate and efficient for your needs. We strive to provide the best products in the industry with the knowledge to back them up. We maintain a professional work environment and are committed to getting it right the first time. We offer reasonable and competitive pricing with several payment options. Visit our website and go through the articles to find your best choice at the most affordable prices.

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With The American Door Company you get security and peace of mind knowing your garage doors will always work.

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Allowing American Door Company, proudly based in Redding, California, to install your residential or commercial garage door opener, from industrial grade to medium and light duty, ensures a dependable lift every time.